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Why should you install a Multishower?

Installing a Multishower can be one of the best investments you have made for a long time. There are several reasons for installing a Multishower.

Improved economy.
The investment cost is recovered quickly by the savings you make after installation.

A powerful environmental case.
Reduced consumption is a strong and solid argument for companies that actively take measures to reduce their influence on the environment.

Calcium deposits do not build up.
The design of the Multishower means that the nozzles are wider, which avoids calcium accretion, which otherwise would make the shower less refreshing and finally unusable.

Contains fewer parts.
The Multishower contains fewer and more reliable parts, which gives it a considerably longer life than conventional showers.

5 year guarantee.
Each Multishower has a 5 year factory guarantee.

How much could you save if you reduced your water consumption and the energy used for hot water by 40-60%?

Calculate yourself

Here you can calculate and see how much money you can save.

Stop the waste

Visste du att 60 % av världens varmvatten används för att duscha. Ett gigantiskt slöseri som vi vill göra allt vi kan för att minska.

Introduction movie

Too much water is wasted in the world today. Most of it in our showers.

Click here for a short introduction movie

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